Direct Primary Care (DPC) for Business Owners

A Health Care Revolution

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How DPC helps your business and your employees:


Less sick days, increased productivity, greater employee job satisfaction, healthcare savings, convenience

  • Benessere Wellness Center can fulfill roughly 90% of a patient's medical needs.
  • A low monthly subscription can work well for someone who does not have insurance or has a high deductible plan.
  • We aren't bound by insurance companies so our time is spent with our patients. We foster relationships that increase patient trust and care.
  • We guarantee same day or next day appointments.
  • The focus is on preventative care. We get in front of potential health issues, meaning less sick days.
  • Offering low cost, quality benefits to your employees will ensure you attract top talent.
  • We offer the ability to consult over the phone with telemed appointments so that a patient's needs are met while they make it through their busy day
  • Though we don't accept insurance, insurance can be used for outside services such as blood tests, imaging and specialist care.
  • If a patient does not have insurance, we have negotiated low cash pricing for blood work and imaging. Many times our negotiated prices are less than a patient's copay.
  • Reasonable monthly costs make it easier for businesses to contribute toward their employee's memberships.
  • For roughly $23 per paycheck (if employee paid on biweekly schedule), a patient can have access to a medical provider 24/7.


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